Why Koduaken?



  1. Window production, sales and mounting experience of many years. In 14 years of activity we have produced more than 200 000 windows. From Koduaken You can get a window that protects and decorates Your home for many decades.
  2. All products and services related to windows from one place. We produce and sell PVC- and aluminiumwindows and we glass balconies as well. According to customers wishes and needs we offer full service beginning from first consultation until final elaboration. Besides that there is an opportunity to order wide choice of window accessories including window sills, outdoor windowsills, insect nets, roller blinds, venetian blinds and other extra products from us.
  3. Warm keeping. Inside our windows glasspacket being argongas gives 25% better warmkeeping for windows.
  4. Security. Windows are supplied with European leading producer Roto Frank AG outturn, where already in standardchoice there are 2 safeclosures which raise difficulties for thiefs.
  5. Weather strips. In producing windows we use exchangeable elastic artificial-caoutchouc weather-strips, which assure excellent wind- and waterproof.
  6. German quality. We produce windows from German company VEKA frameprofiles. These are the same A-class profiles (wall-thickeness > 2,8 mm), which are used in Germany and which coinside with German strict standards. In Eastern-Europe (including Estonia), where corresponding norms are not validated, are usually used noticeably thinner B-cass or uncl. profiles.
  7. Proffessional service. Our front-line stuff consists of experts who help to find best solution for Your wishes and needs.
  8. After-payment and lease-purchase possibility. Our co-operation partners are Swedbank and Liisi järelmaks

Warmth and light to Your homes! 
OÜ Koduaken



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