Balcony and terrace glazing

Over the years it has become more and popular to enclose balconies, terraces and porches with glazing system. Installation of glazing system made of aluminium does not require special license.
Foldable glazing system is an elegant solution which is easy to use and owns multiple practical values. With this glazing system You are able to significantly extend the time You can spend on Your balcony or terrace in the spring or autumn – without it the room would be too cold.
By its nature, in closed position, the balcony and terrace glasses are a borderless glass wall, but it is possible to open the whole system partly or fully. Opening is easy and user friendly.

What is a glazing system?

Glazing systems are glass panels that move on top and bottom of the aluminium rails. Unlike windows, where there is multiple glass units used, glazing system uses single glass. Throughout the glazing system there is no intermediate posts used which forms a large levelled opening.


Even though there is only single pane of glass used and the glass does not have a strong frame surrounding it on four sides, there is no need to worry about breakage. Unlike ordinary windows, glasses used in glazing systems are already tempered as a standard solution (reinforced through thermal processes) and for a safer use, all edges of the glasses are sanded and polished. In addition to safety, the latter gives glasses also a beautiful finished appearance.

Heat resistance

Glazing system is so called “cold system”. It means that the system itself is not heat resistant, but when closed, there is a closed space that can be heated in different ways. Thanks to that You can use balconies, terraces, porches, and other similar areas from early spring til late autumn. If You add an extra heater, for example a fireplace or gas radiator, You are able to use the room in the winter also. In addition to heat resistance, the glazed wall protects against airborne dust, snow, and birds flying to the balcony.

Balcony glazing gives You more opportunities

  • Allows You to use balcony all year round.
  • Glass system improves the thermal insulation of the room behind the balcony, which in conclusion helps to save on heating costs.
  • The noise form the outside is significantly muffled thanks to balcony glazing.
  • Glazed balcony prevents dust and snow from getting onto the clothes drying on the balcony.
  • Glazed balcony is a safer place for both children and pets.
  • Glass wall keeps birds away and protects objects placed on the balcony.
  • Balcony glazing makes the exterior of the building more solid and luxurious.
  • Using glazing system for enclosing a balcony is the only way accepted by the rescue services.

Technical information

  • Tempered glass with 6 mm or 8 mm thickness and polished edges is used
    • Tempered glass has a reinforced structure
    • When crushed, tempered glass turns into so-called crystals
    • Polished edge gives a beautiful final appearance and makes the glasses safe to handle
  • Glasses are attached to the profile with a special bolts that provide the best fixation
  • The thickness of glass panes stays between 500-700mm
  • Lead profiles are made of aluminium and are powder coated
  • The rollers run on closed ball bearings made of stainless steel
    • Closed bearings are closed from external weather factors
  • Thanks to specially developed system, there is no so-called “horn” when turning out, which gives a more beautiful overall look
  • The ends of the panel profiles are covered with plastic caps
  • Standard opening mechanism is made out of beautifully polished aluminium and is minimalist
  • The gaps between glasses are sealed with UV-resistant PVC seals


The aluminium frames of glazing system are powder coated to achieve the best possible coating both visually and technically. After powder coating, a strongly adherent protective layer is formed on the surface of the profiles. A better weather resistance and beautiful appearance is achieved thanks to that.

Four main colors are used as standard:

  • White (RAL9010)
  • Dark brown (RAL8019)
  • Silver grey (RAL9006)
  • Anthracite grey (RAL 7016)

In addition to main colors, the profiles can be colored in any other tone chosen from RAL catalogue.

Price enquiry

Exact price for the full service is calculated according to the construction site. Contact us for a personalised price and we will compose a quotation for You.

Price inquiry

Exact price for the full service is calculated according to the construction site. Contact us for a personalised price and we will compose a quotation for You.