VEKA is one of the leading PVC window system manufacturers that uses modern technology to prepare raw material and produce profiles. With that, the durability and high quality of windows is guaranteed. Without an exception, all VEKA AG products own ISO9001 quality certificate.

VBH is a window and door accessory expert brand. VBH Estonia OÜ started in 1993 by selling door locks and shutters. Today the company represents over 70 purveyors with over 9000 products. Since year 2000 VBH Estonia OÜ is a part of global company called VBH Holding AG, that owns agencies and storages in more than 40 countries with more than 3000 employees.

ROTO is a world-wide leader in multipoint locking-system technology used for tilt and turn windows. You can currently find Roto production factories, companies and commercial agencies in all major centers of the world. Koduaken also uses Roto’s locking system to produce windows and doors.