Warranty terms – aluminium building systems

1. General provisions

  • The warranty against defects is valid for 2 (two) years.
  • The warranty against defects is the seller’s (the provider of warranty against defects) promise to exchange free or for charge products according to conditions established in the sales terms and conditions, repair  or otherwise ensure the conformity with the terms and conditions of the warranty against defects.
  • The warranty term begins upon the delivery of goods to the purchaser. The warranty term is stopped when the purchaser cannot use the product due to the non-conformity of the product to the contract terms and conditions provided by the warranty against defects.
  • Warranty document is the employment contract or the confirmation of the order.

2. Particular articles of the warranty against defects

  • The purchaser has to become familiar with the terms and conditions of the warranty against defects before the sales contract is concluded.
  • The provider of warranty against defects is Koduaken OÜ, Peterburi Road 38/1, 11415 Tallinn, phone 6066266.
  • The warranty against defects gives the purchaser the right to demand the repair  of the product or replacement free of charge if all warranty and maintenance requirements are performed.
  • During the warranty term the free repair or the replacement of the opening fillers is carried out at Peterburi Road 38/12, 11415
  • If the repair work or replacement is performed on the purchaser’s site, a corresponding transportation fee is applied.
  • If the product is repaired, the warranty against defects is extended by the time it takes to repair the product.
  • If the purchaser installs defective opening fillers and they have to be replaced, the contractor is not obliged to compensate or perform the elaboration of the reveals or the facade.

3. The warranty is established to:

  • the durability of the aluminium profile;
  • the chemical durability of the aluminium profile;
  • the weather-proofness of the aluminium profile;
  • the weather-proofness of the sealings;
  • the reliability of operation of the shutters;
  • to the moisture and dust resistance of the glass packet.

4. The warranty expires when:

  • In case there are defects of the surface of the materials if they have emerged after the delivery of the works;
  • The replacement or follow-up regulation of details is due the so-called normal wear and tear;
  • In case the user and maintenance manual is not followed;
  • Damages are caused by the impact of the sun, the fire, the thermal damage of the glass and the natural phenomenon (storm, flooding, etc.);
  • Due to vandalism, other physical activity or non-compliant installation;
  • Damaged surface, which cannot be visually noticed at 2 (two) metres with normal lighting when looked at cross-section;
  • The water resistance of the structure in case of built-in balconies.

Please send questions concerning the warranty terms and conditions by e-mail to info@koduaken.ee