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Before ordering windows many questions may occur in connection with the topic and the prevailing trends:
– What is Softline 70 and Softline 82?
– What do Uw andUg mean, and why should you know that?
– Why is the 3-layer window packet better than the 2-layer packet?
– What is the role of the selective glass, sun protection glass, laminated glass and other glasses?

Questions may be endless but you need the answer to the most important question: What do I need?

Hereby, we help to understand the most important terms in the field of windows, their importance and differences. It is necessary to be able to understand, which kind of product and service corresponds to the client’s needs the best.


Thermal resistance is measured by the U-value. U-value characterises how many watts (W) move through one square metre (m2) of the window, when the temperature on different sides of the window glass differs one degree. Briefly, the smaller the U-value, the better is the thermal resistance of the opening filler.
Combining different profiles and glass packets guarantee that the U-value of our opening filler between 1,3…0,5 W/m2K.


In Northern countries 2 and 3-layer glass packets are used, which standard solution includes one selective glass (selective layer lets the sun heat in the room, but instead of letting the warmth of the room out, it reflects it back into the room) and the inter-glass air chambers filled with Argon gas. Argon is even a worse heat conductor than air thanks to which the amount of cold air coming in from outside is minimum. The bigger the number of chambers in the glass, the better the thermal resistance is.
In addition to the selective glass, a window or a door can be improved by safer tempered, laminated or armoured glass; glass with sun protection can be used on the sunny side of the house to alleviate the heat in summer. Contact us to become familiar with our product range.


Our product range includes openable inwards PVC window profiles made by VEKA, which are the German type window profiles, including two main models: Softline 70 (SL-70) and Softline 82 (SL-82). Both profile models are made of PVC and have reinforced steel armour.
Softline 70 is 70 mm thick and the profile solution comprises 5 air chambers, in which 2-layer or 3-layer selective glass filled with argon is used in the glass packet. Softline 70 profile windows are suitable in older non-renovated houses, summerhouses, auxiliary buildings and in rooms, where thermal resistance is not important. U-value of the 2-layer selective glass window is 1,3 W/m2K.
Softline 82 is 82 mm thick and has 7 air chambers, which make it the leading model of VEKA profiles, in which 3-layer thermal intermittent slat is used in the glass packet. Softline 82 profile windows are meant to be used in new buildings, renovated and insulated apartment houses and private houses, where the loss of heat is minimal. U-value in 3-layer selective glass windows is 0,64 W/m2K.

Among aluminium profiles we provide solutions of systems manufactured by the profile manufacturer ALUPROF.
In case of doors and windows the selection begins from choosing the cold profile system MB-45 meant for the interior use and ends with MB-104 suitable for a passive house. ALUPROF systems enable to produce many different types of windows depending on the area of use and special requirements to the functionality, aesthetics and thermal insulation. In case of opening fillings new technical solutions are used, e.g.   Aerogel is a material with very good thermal insulation. It enables to make windows, which heat transfer factor (Uf) is very low – 0,57 W/m2K.
In case of façade and roof systems, two ALUPROFI main profile systems MB-SR50N and MB-TT50 could be pointed out.
Facade MB-TT50 is a high-tech aluminium-glass façade system. Due to adjusted insulators the façade effectively protects the building from the heat loss; the special shape of insulators makes it easier to build facades. Different joints ensure flexibility upon the design of spatial structures and therefore system MB-TT50 provides outstanding options for designing the building.
MB-SR50N together with MB-TT50 is meant for the design and manufacture of aluminium-glass facades, aluminium-glass roofs and other spatial structures. In order to achieve optimal thermal and sound insulation and simplify the installation of the façade system MB-SR50N, PE-insulator is used as it enables to achieve the best thermal insulation factors. The thermal insulation factor (Uf) of facades and roof systems begins with the value 0,5 W/m2K.


If you have an idea of the possible suitable products that meet your needs, you have to decide whether you yourself install the opening filler or have professionals, who also provide a warranty, do it.
When placing an order it is has to be decided whether to order only the installation or also the interior and exterior elaboration, window sills, sheet metal outside window sills and the utilisation of old windows.


We recommend turning to our specialists in case any questions may occur in order to be able to counsel you and avoid possible further issues. Thanks to a long-term experience our specialists can already give advice in the initial stage of the tender how to notice and avoid typical mistakes, which may occur during the replacement of windows.

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