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When deciding to order windows and learning more about the topic and different trends often many questions arise:
– What are Softline 70 and Softline 82?
– What does Uw and Ug mean and why is it necessary to know that?
– Why is triple glass unit better than double glass unit?
– What role does selective glass, sun protection glass, laminated glass, and other glasses play?

These questions can go on forever but the most important one is: What do I need?

We are here to help You to understand the most important terms, their significance and differences in the window area. All this helps us to figure out what is the most suitable product and service for the client.


The gauge of heat retention is the U-value. The U-value characterises how many watts(W) moves through a window per square meter (m2) when the temperature on the different sides of the window differs by one degree. In conclusion, the smaller the U-value, the better the heat retention of the window.
Combining different profiles and glass units the U-value of our windows stays between 1,3…0,64 W/m2K.


In Nordic climate, the standard solution is to use double and triple glass units with one selective glass (the selective coat lets the heat from the sun to get inside but instead of letting it back out it reflects the heat back to the room) and the air chambers between the glasses are filled with argon gas. Thanks to argon being even worse thermal conductor than air, the amount of cold getting in from outdoors has been taken to the minimum. The more chambers the glass has, the better the heat retention.
In addition to selective glass, it is possible to improve Your window or door with more safer tempered, laminated or reinforced glass. To protect the windows facing the sun from the heat in the summer, it is possible to use sun protection glass. Contact us to learn more about advanced options.


We offer two main inward opening German type window profiles from company VEKA: Softline 70 (SL-70) and Softline 82 (SL-82). Both profile models are made from PVC and have a steel reinforcement inside.
The Softline 70 is five-chamber construction profile solution with 70 mm installation depth which uses double or triple glass unit with selective glass filled with argon. The Softline 70 profile is suitable for older not repaired houses, summerhouses, auxiliary buildings and for rooms where the heat retention is not that important. The U-value of double glass unit with selective glass is 1,3 W/m2K.
The Softline 82 is seven-chamber VEKA flagship profile solution with 82 mm installation depth which uses triple glass unit with warm edge spacer. Windows with Softline 82 profile system are meant for new buildings, renovated and insulated apartment buildings, and for private houses where minimal heat loss is important. The U-value of triple glass unit with selective glass is 0,64 W/m2K.


If You have an idea about the most suitable products for Your needs then it is necessary to decide whether You want to mount the windows independently or let the specialists in their field, who also give guarantee to their work, do their job.
When ordering a service it is important to figure out whether You only want mounting or also interior and exterior finishing, indoor window sills, outdoor window sills, and the utilisation of old windows.


We always recommend You to ask our specialists for help if You have any questions. This helps us to advise You and prevent the challenges that may occur later. Thanks to the years of experience, our specialists can advise You in the initial phase of window replacement on how to notice and avoid typical errors that can occur during window replacement.

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