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First-class A-class plastic profiles are durable and wearproof. The insides of the profiles are reinforced with steel. Outer frames have an extra strong square tube reinforcement.
Manually installed seals made of artificial rubber are a characteristic of A-class profiles. Artificial rubber ensures dense closure even in the low minus degrees, unlike plastic seals. Manually installed seals are characterized by their longevity.
We use ROTO’s, the world’s leading window fittings manufacturer’s durable and safe locking systems. One system - three different ways to open.
All glass units are filled with argon gas and covered with selective coat to achieve the maximal heat resistance.

Why Koduaken?

We have a long-term experience in the production, sale and installation of opening fillings. During two decades of activity we have produced about 400 000 opening fillings. We offer you an opening filling protects and decorates your home for decades.

We provide all products and services connected with opening fillings at one place. We make and sell PVC and aluminium windows, doors and aluminium facades, and roofs. Based on the contracting entity’s wishes and needs we offer full service starting with the initial consultation up to the final elaboration. In addition, you can order a wide range of window accessories, including window sills, sheet metal outside window sills, blinds, Venetian blinds, insect nets and many other things.

PVC opening fillings are made of frame profiles of the German company VEKA. They are the same A-class profiles (wall thickness > 2.8 mm) of which windows are produced in Germany as they are in conformity with the strict rules established there. In Eastern-Europe (also in Estonia), where no standards are established yet mostly B-class with thinner walls or even non-classified profiles are used.

Aluminium building systems are produced of the profiles of the leading Polish producer of aluminium systems ALUPROF. A wide range of aluminium building systems, including opening fillings is systematically developed to satisfy the needs of modern architecture and to be in conformity with the strict requirements of standards and directives.

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We have a long-term experience in the production, sale and installation of opening fillings.
During our activity we have produced more than 400 000 opening fillings.