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Please read the terms of sale before ordering.


  1. The list of stock windows does not update automatically. Any claims made regarding the products that have been sold will not be accepted.
  2. Products that are on sale are not are not remodelled, supplemented, or repaired according to costumer’s wishes.
  3. The price of the product on sale does not include the prices of additional accessories (links, mounting brackets, etc.).
  4. The buyer needs to make the product is in compliance before removing it from the seller’s storage. Later claims shall not be upheld.
  5. The products on sale do not have warranty.
  6. The product can be booked for up to three business days.
  7. If there is more than one taker for the same item, the first booker will get priority to buy the product.

Seller has the right to unilaterally change the terms of sale and prices without a notice.
For the buyer, same prices and terms of sale apply that were valid at the time of purchase.
If the prices have been changed after the buyer placed an order and payed for it, the seller is obliged to sell those products with the price valid during the order was placed (unless there has been a technical error in the system).

By placing an order for the product and paying for it, the buyer confirms that he/she has accepted the terms of sale.