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Before placing an order become familiar with the sales terms and conditions.


  1. All prices include VAT (20%)
  2. The list of products in the warehouse is not updated automatically. Complaints concerning products sold out can not be satisfied.
  3. Goods at sale are not remade, improved or repaired according to the client’s wishes.
  4. Products at sale do not include the price of accessories (handles, mounting braces, etc.).
  5. The purchaser has to become convinced in the conformity of the product before taking it out of the seller’s warehouse. Later complaints are not satisfied.
  6. Goods at sale have no guarantee.
  7. Products can be booked for three working days maximum.
  8. If many clients want to buy the same product, the right of re-emption belongs to the client who made the first booking.

The seller has the right to change the sales terms and conditions and prices unilaterally without prior notice.
Valid prices and sales conditions for the client are the ones established at the moment the purchase is made.
If prices have been changed after the client’s order is placed and the goods are paid for, the seller undertakes to sell the products for the price that was valid at the moment the order was confirmed (except cases when there is a technical error in the system).

By placing an order and paying for it, the purchaser confirms that agrees with the sales terms and conditions.