Warranty terms – PVC opening fillings

Warrant for PVC windows 5 (five) years, for exterior doors, extras, and for services 25 (twenty-five) months.
The sales warranty comprises of the seller’s (the guarantor) promise to replace, repair or restore conformity of the thing to warranty stipulated conditions of the PVC windows or doors, free of charge or for a charge, on the terms and conditions stipulated by the warranty.
The warranty period starts upon the delivery of the thing to the purchaser. The warranty period is suspended for the time the purchaser is unable to use the thing due to thing’s nonconformity with the terms and conditions of the contract which the seller is responsible for.
Warranty document is the contract for services.
FREE post-regulation of windows is provided only for windows mounted by OÜ Koduaken within 1 (one) year starting from the delivery of the works.

Features of sales warranty for consumer sales:

  1. The consumer must get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the sales warranty before entering into the sales contract.
  2. The guarantor is OÜ Koduaken, Peterburi tee 38, Tallinn, tel 6066266.
  3. The guarantor gives the purchaser the right to demand the repair or replacement of the thing on the condition that that all warranty and maintenance requirements are fulfilled.
  4. Free repairs or replacements of the windows and doors installed by the purchaser during the warranty period are fulfilled in Peterburi tee 38/12, 11415 Tallinn.
  5. Transport fee according to the price-list is applied when the fixing or replacement takes place at the consumer’s house.
  6. If the thing is repaired during the warranty period, then the warranty period is extended by the duration of the repair.
  7. After the replacement of defective windows and doors installed by the purchaser the contractor is not obliged to compensate or perform the decoration of window jambs or facade.

The warranty for windows and doors covers:

  • the durability of PVC material;
  • the chemical resistance of the PVC materials;
  • weatherproofness and resistance to light of the PVC material;
  • weatherproofness of the window seals;
  • operational reliability of the closing system;
  • resistance to water of the windows and doors;
  • moisture and dust proofness of the glass unit.

The warranty for windows and doors does not cover:

  • surface defects of the materials used in windows and doors, if these defects have formed after the instrument of delivery and receipt was signed by the customer;
  • The replacement or follow-up regulation of details due to the so called natural depreciation;
  • cases in which the user and maintenance manual of PVC windows is not obeyed;
  • damages caused by sun, fire, thermal breakage of the glass and natural disasters (storm, flood, fire, etc.);
  • vandalism, other physical violence and inadequate mounting;
  • surface damages of the glass unit which are cannot be visually perceived from the distance of two metres under normal lighting conditions when observed vertically;
  • PVC windows or doors installed in sauna
  • The waterproofness of the construction installed when glazing the balcony

Questions about the warranty terms have to be sent via e-mail info@koduaken.ee