Softline 82

It is a new profile system that satisfies the most demanding functional, safety and insulation requirements. Softline 82 windows consider the future needs already today. Thanks to the 82 mm installation depth, the system is suitable for new buildings as well as refurbishment projects, fitting well with high static requirements, and for opening fillers from ground to ceiling.

With heating costs on the rise, house owners are increasingly looking for energy-saving solutions. Innovative six and seven chamber profile geometry  gives You an excellent thermal insulation, enabling the Uw values of windows to start from 0,64 W/m2K. That is why we are also able to produce windows and doors that fulfil the established standards of passive houses.


Clients have the opportunity to choose from variety of colors in addition to classical white. You can also have the profile covered in wood imitation, giving the windows the appearance of real timber while retaining the user-friendly characteristics of plastic windows.


The inner and outer surfaces of the window (the frame and the jamb) can be of completely different shades.


When You move the cursor to desired color You can see the color and the code.

VEKA Spectral

VEKA Spectral color collection meets the expectations of most demanding taste.
New collection has come out with three new colors with matte treatment. Matte surface is a solid and elegant solution so that every house owner is able to find windows in suitable tone.

New collection has three colors:

  • Anthrazit ultramatte
  • Fenstergrau ultramatte
  • Umbra ultramatte


Come and make acquaintance with the colors in our sales office.


Using a glass unit with three seals and up to 52 mm in depth gives the windows in addition to excellent thermal insulation a protection against noise, moisture and draft wind.

Standard version of Softline 82 profile system has three pane glass unit with selective glass, warm edge spacer made from plastic, and spaces between panes filled with argon.

It is possible to add decoration spacers according to the clients wishes that give the facade of the house a beautiful appearance.

Heat resistant

Opening positions


Window, which is expandable, is standardly endowed with 2-point safety. If window is in a open position, then safety-bolt is not activated. We suggest to close Your window entirely if You leave home.


It is possible to open window ~10mm to assure minimal air-condition in the room. Can be left unattended. Microventilation is possible to get for all turning-staggered window parts.


Window opens up for ventilation 100-200mm dependent on window size.


Window opens on one side. Avoid opening acting-out and leaving unattended, because with wind-gust it can broken Your window.

Technical information



Thermal isolation accordingly DIN 4108 and EnEV.

Thermal conductivity Uw according to the glass unit used

  • With warm edge spacer up to 1,0 W/m2K
  • With aluminium spacer up to 1,1 W/m2K

Noise insulation accordingly VDI 2719 SSSSK, SSSSK II up to V

Security level accordingly DIN V ENV 1627-1630: up to glass WK 2


Type of glass unit U-value of heat retention, W/m2K Noise resistance dB
With air With argon
24 mm insulated glass unit
4/16/4 selektiiv 1.4 1.1 30
6/14/4 selektiiv 1.5 1.2 34
6/12/6 selektiiv 1.6 1.3 31

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