Residential doors

PVC residential doors are a great way to connect the windows and doors of your home to a joint successive element in exterior facade as well as in interior design. The color selection for PVC doors is the same as for windows and there are endless possibilities for opening directions and sections to choose from.

What is the difference between exterior door and balcony door?

  • The opening part of exterior door is wider and that is why the door panel is made out of more massive and stronger profile.
  • Unlike balcony door, there is no ventilation position for exterior doors. If there is a need, it is possible to use position stabiliser which will not let the door move with draft wind.
  • Because of its higher mass and to achieve a more beautiful appearance, exterior doors use reinforced hinges.
  • Exterior doors have door handles on both sides.
  • Locking system for PVC exterior doors is a profile based ROTO multipoint locking system.


Exterior doors are the business card for Your home and that is why they need to look beautiful. There are countless possibilities for PVC door designs.

  • Available in all the same colors as PVC windows
  • It is possible to choose from different fillings:
    • Glasses in different shades and patterns
    • Heat panels in different shades
    • PVC boarding in different shades
  • It is possible to do sections with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal intermediate posts.