Softline 70

The Veka SL-70 profile system is ushering in a new era in window design. It is the first choice for the people who prefer to see individual and interesting solutions in a building’s facade.

The SL-70 is characterised by the quality construction of the profile system, whose 70 mm diameter and five-chamber construction help decrease heating costs and muffle outside noise. The extra chambers equip the profile with stability and durability, meaning greater possibilities in the construction of non-standard windows. Should You require changing the glass units of the windows, it can be done effortlessly.


Clients have the opportunity to choose from variety of colors in addition to classical white. You can also have the profile covered in wood imitation, giving the windows the appearance of real timber while retaining the user-friendly characteristics of plastic windows.


The inner and outer surfaces of the window (the frame and the jamb) can be of completely different shades.


When You move the cursor to desired color You can see the color and the code.


Standard version of Softline 70 profile system has two pane glass unit and spaces between panes filled with argon. One of the glasses in the glass unit has metal oxide surface coating. This so-called selective surface coating does not significantly change the transparency of the glass, but reflects back the heat waves generated by the heaters in the room.

More and more clients prefer to combine Softline 70 profile system with triple glass unit to achieve a better heat resistance.

According to the client’s wishes, decorative strips can be glued on glass units. They make the window look more fascinating and give a striking look to the facade of the building.

Heat resistant

Opening positions


Window, which is expandable, is standardly endowed with 2-point safety. If window is in a open position, then safety-bolt is not activated. We suggest to close Your window entirely if You leave home.


It is possible to open window ~10mm to assure minimal air-condition in the room. Can be left unattended. Microventilation is possible to get for all turning-staggered window parts.


Window opens up for ventilation 100-200mm dependent on window size.


Window opens on one side. Avoid opening acting-out and leaving unattended, because with wind-gust it can broken Your window.

Technical information



Thermal isolation accordingly DIN 4108 and EnEV.

Thermal conductivity Uw according to the glass unit used

  • With warm edge spacer up to 1,0 W/m2K
  • With aluminium spacer up to 1,1 W/m2K

Noise insulation accordingly VDI 2719 SSSSK, SSSSK II up to V

Security level accordingly DIN V ENV 1627-1630: up to glass WK 2


Type of glass unit U-value of heat retention, W/m2K Noise resistance dB
With air With argon
24 mm insulated glass unit
4/16/4 selektiiv 1.4 1.1 30
6/14/4 1.5 1.2 34
6/12/6 1.6 1.3 31

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