It is necessary to know before the replacement of opening fillings even if you do it yourself how to measure window and door openings properly. Before ordering fillings for empty openings (new building) or old opening fillings (old building), it is necessary to know how to calculate proper measurements.

Hereby, we describe general principles and give recommendation for proper measuring used also by our specialists. Generally the installation performer confirms the measurements of the ordered opening fillings. In our practical work we apply the same principle and but we re-measure the object before having it produced if you place an order in our agency.


NEW CONSTRUCTION – opening fillers are installed into an empty opening

In case of a new building, the width and height of the opening have to be measured. Three centimetres for mounting foam should be deducted from the width and height.

For the most precise tender you have to add also the divisions of the opening filler and the opening directions of each division.


When the old opening filler is replaced, it is necessary to take into account when measuring the opening filler whether the upper parts and the sides of the door and window frame are place a little inwards in the wall. In order to get right measurements for the tender, measure the width between the reveals and add 3 cm. The height can be measured, when you take the measurement in between the upper edge of the window or door up to the upper reveal.

When the window is divided into several parts, take the measurements from the edge to the centre of the dividing posts and mark the opening directions of the divisions.


We provide measuring service as well. The specialist measures the opening fillers installed by us to guarantee that proper measurement and ensure fast and high quality installation work.