When planning a replacement or installation of the opening filler, many questions may occur. To succeed with the project, questions have to be answered. There are different options available: to search for information from different sources or to consult specialists of the area, who daily deal with the solution of similar questions and have a substantial experience.

The Internet gives a lot of information. Due to an overwhelming amount of information, search results may include also unreliable information. We recommend taking information on homepages of non-professionals with reservations and check facts from alternative sources.

Another option enables to receive information faster and more efficiently if you turn to specialists for advice.
Employees of Koduaken OÜ are specialists with a long-term experience, who have been dealing with most of the questions in this area. Thanks to that they can give fast answers and make practical recommendations.

Before making the final decision, we recommend visiting the selected service providers and become familiar with the content of their profiles.

You can contact our specialist by phone or e-mails or in the Facebook, but the better understanding of products and services is obtained by visiting our agency. The advantage of coming and visiting our agency is the possibility to see and touch different samples to get an idea of the product features.