Installation and finishing

The replacement or installation of the opening filler may be carried out by yourself or you can order the service performed by specialists. In addition to the production and sale of opening fillings, Koduaken OÜ offers also the full service for the replacement of opening fillings. We recommend dividing the entire procedure into parts including necessary services.

We definitely recommend ordering the installation of opening fillings from specialists because it enables to save trouble and time and provides also a warranty to the work.

What does the full service of installation include?

To understand the installation process, we divide it into successive stages:

  1. Measuring by specialist
    • The measuring specialist comes to the site and calculates the exact measurements of the new opening fillings according to the objects peculiarities and the measurements of the additional sheet metal outdoor window sills, sheet metal edges and window sills.
  2. Transportation of new opening fillings to the construction site
  3. Disassembly of old opening fillings
  4. Preparation of openings
  5. Installation of new opening fillings
  6. Installation of window sills if necessary
  7. Installation of sheet metal outdoor window sills
  8. Elaboration of exterior reveals according to the peculiarities of the building if necessary:
    • Elaboration of outside reveals with sheet metal edges and silicone
    • Elaboration of outside reveals with plaster
  9. Elaboration of inside reveals
  10. Utilisation of the demolition waste of old opening fillings

What to consider upon installation and elaboration?

  • When interior elaboration has been ordered, it is carried out at least one day after the installation of the opening filler. The mounting foam applied for sealing the opening fillings has to be dry before elaboration.
  • Elaboration work is usually performed in 2 days depending on the time required for drying the paint work.

How to prepare the site?

To make the replacement procedure smooth and fast, the client can prepare the construction site before the installation specialists come. It is enough when the site:

  • has a good access from the front door to the opening filled
  • one metre of free room is required in front of the opening
  • there are no  items on the  window sill
  • window covers are removed

Installation versus elaboration – what is the difference?

It may happen that the client does not make a difference between the installation and elaboration of the opening filler; however, in practice the window manufacturers see these two activities differently. The difference comes from the peculiarity of the work and the technical requirements to perform the installation and elaboration work at different times.
At a closer look the installation work is connected with major construction work, during which the client’s old opening filler is removed and necessary demolition work is carried out to prepare the opening for the new filler. Thereafter, the new opening filler is levelled properly and anchored in the opening. After the frame is fixed, the air gap around the opening is sealed with the mounting foam. In order to let the mounting foam dry and harden, the opening filler must not be opened for 24 hours after the installation.
The elaboration work is performed minimum one day after the opening is filled, because the mounting foam has dried by then and new reveals can be built. In general the elaboration work is carried out in 2 days. For example, reveals made of plasterboards are built and openings and joints are covered with filling on the first day. On the second day, when the filling is dry, the filled placed are polished and painted.