Sliding and folding systems

According to the designer’s percept or client’s own wishes, sliding and folding doors can offer better functionality than classical staggered-opening and rotary-opening opening fillers. That is why we produce different heat-resistant sliding and folding systems.


Vekamotion system allows to produce large-scale sliding doors and –walls of up to 6.5 m in length with two or more parts. An innovative and perfect sliding door system is a convenient way of widening any space.

The Vekamotion system gives You complete freedom – design, opening, form and installation choices are almost endless. The color selection is the same as other Veka profile products. The special stability of the frame profiles provides durable and reliable elements.

Thanks to its innovative technology, Vekamotion yields great results in energy savings.


  • Maximum measure of white sliding system is 6 x 2,7 m
  • Maximum measure of colored sliding system is 5 x 2,5 m


Patio Alversa is a locking system that reached Estonian markets in 2017. It allows to fulfil different opening and ventilation solutions with minimal resources and can be designed as a parallel or Tilt&Slide opening filler with frame weight up to 100 kg.

Parallel slide system also has frame tilt ventilation option. Combination of universal central locking and handle and modular slide system reduces costs of production, storage and logistics. Innovative opening and closing mechanism which allows to move the sliding element more smoothly and quietly offers more convenience to the end user.

Special shock absorbers take care of sliding frame’s optimal in and out movement. All parallel sliding systems can be used intuitively as classical windows.

Tilt&Slide element options:

  • Patio Alversa | KS – Tilt&Slide system with tilt ventilation
  • Patio Alversa | PS Air Com – Parallel Sliding system with tilt ventilation

Measurements of opening part:

  • White – maximum measure 1,5 x 2,4 m; minimal measure 600 mm
  • Colored – maximum measure 1,4 x 2,4 m; minimal measure 600 mm


Folding systems are a modern and elegant way to connect rooms or separate them from the external environment. A folding system can easily and quickly shut or open a door or window, while allowing to release almost the entire width of the aperture from the frame. In its closed position, the element is entirely heat- and soundproof.

Folding systems help to save space and allow making a room larger or smaller in a matter of moments.

It is possible to manufacture up to 4 m long 7-segment window or wall elements. Folding doors and windows are primarily used on balconies and terraces, as well as in shops, restaurants and conference rooms to connect and separate


  • Maximum measure 4 x 2,3 m
  • Maximum width of one opening is 800 mm

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